Tom google

Verkar tycka det är deppigt att börja jobba...


  1. Nej nej, dom gör reklam för alla stjärnfall som skulle komma nu =) Läste det i nån tidning idag!

  2. The Perseid meteor shower actually starts in late July and runs to late August. However, the best time to view is around the peak.

    It’s not precise, but the 2009 peak is expected on August 12th at around 15.00 hours UT. There is some uncertainty, so it’s very worthwhile to observe either side of this.

    In particular for European observers, the hours of darkness either side the peak hours, may well prove more fruitful! So try the previous Tuesday night, as well as the night of Wednesday 12th.

    And there is also a potentially prominent Moon to contend with. It will not set below the horizon until the early hours of the morning.

  3. Besserwissers! :)
    då får jag väl oxå se det som ett stjärnfall!


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